68 Babbage Road, Roseville Chase


The Story Behind the Sale


The Property: 68 Babbage Road, Roseville Chase

Method of Sale: Auction

Date Sold: 02/03/2019

Days on Market: 32

Buyer Origin: Castlecrag

Sale Price: $3,300,000

Quote Price: $3,300,000

Campaign attracted: 85 buyers

Registered Bidders: 3

What my clients had to say: 

"In trying times such as these I’m very happy I used Scott Thornton and his team at the Agency. From the moment we got in contact to post Auction, his approach was thorough and considered. Scott’s communication was strong and was maintained throughout the process and he always went the extra mile to ensure I was happy and informed. To his credit he also assisted me blowing leaves and cleaning the house to ensure it was showroom ready each inspection."

- M. Ryan

Pool shot @ 68 Babbage Road, Roseville Chase

Scott Thornton, from The Agency says: 

This is the 2nd time I have been engaged by my clients to sell on their behalf and it was a pleasure to sell yet another beautifully designed home. The home is placed on a large parcel of land in a tranquil lush garden setting. One of the biggest selling features of the property other than the stunning design, was the location, you felt as though you were in the countryside but in reality you were only 20 minutes from the city. We had 3 registered bidders on the day competing for the property. The successful bidders look forward to call this home.